Community Social Resources

What You Need to Know

UC has partnered with findhelp, the largest network of social assistance programs and resources in the U.S. that are free or offered at a reduced cost. All UC medical plan members and their family members have access to findhelp, so you can find the resources to help you and your family live better.

What Is findhelp?

Findhelp is a social care network that connects people and programs, making it easier to find support and social services within your community. Findhelp connects you with resources that can help you find a job, access affordable food, receive medical care, and more — all in one place. Findhelp features more than 600,000 distinct program locations that help millions of people across the country.

Who Can Use findhelp?

Any UC health plan member or family member who needs support with their social, financial or physical health and well-being can use findhelp. Findhelp’s search platform lets you search for resources in your community with dignity and ease, and without restrictions or gatekeepers.

Findhelp can link you with a variety of services, including:

  • Food: Find help to pay for food, locate food pantries, and seek nutrition education
  • Housing: Find advice and help on finding or paying for housing and locating temporary shelters
  • Transit: Find help to pay for bus passes or gas or transportation to receive health care services
  • Money: Find help to pay for child care, connect to government benefits, and locate assistance with tax preparation
  • Education: Find help to pay for school, financial or health education; citizenship and immigration assistance; and skills and training

How to Use findhelp

Go to Then enter your ZIP code and select the category (e.g., Housing, Food) of interest to access the list of services.