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Accolade can help PPO members with everything from finding a doctor or therapist to resolving claims issues.


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Your Personal Health Care Advocate

Accolade doesn't change your medical benefits; it makes them work better for you.

What could be more personal than your health and your experience when you need health care? Yet the health care system can be anything but personal. From finding a doctor or therapist to resolving claims issues, we’re oftentimes left on our own to deal with a complex and confusing system.

That’s why UC is partnering with Accolade to provide an exceptional level of support to every UC Care, Health Savings Plan and CORE PPO plan member. Accolade doesn’t change your medical benefits; it makes them work better for you.

Accolade is offered exclusively to UC Care, Health Savings Plan and CORE PPO plan members.

You’ll continue to have access to the Anthem provider network and Anthem will continue to process claims for care. However, Accolade is now your first point of contact for help with health benefits questions, big or small. Your experience with Accolade is completely confidential and takes the hassle out of benefits for you and your covered family members. You can ask your Health Assistant or nurse questions like:

  • Is this procedure covered by my health insurance? How much will I pay if I get the procedure?

  • Where can I find an in-network pharmacy near me? What prescriptions are covered? What will I pay? Can I get this drug through mail order? Can you help me find discount coupons?

  • Can you help me find a doctor based on my needs and preferences?

  • Where is the nearest urgent care facility?

  • Can you help me schedule and prepare for my next doctor’s visit?

  • Can I get a second opinion on a diagnosis, possible surgery or treatment plan?

  • Can you help me understand the information on my claim or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from my last doctor visit?

You can reach Accolade at (866) 406-1182 (Monday–Friday, 5 a.m.–8 p.m. PT).

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* Accolade and its affiliates (“Accolade”) are not an emergency medical service. Accolade provides a personalized health care information service to support you to better understand and utilize your benefits, receive information from expert medical resources, and facilitate your access to medical care from various health care professionals, including virtual medical care services. Virtual medical care services offered by Accolade are provided through independent professional medical practices, including under the Accolade Care brand, to which Accolade provides various platform and related services.